More Stuff and Sock

First, Cookie is happy to be home, bouncing all over, and knows where the treats are. You can see a little where the fur on her neck was shaved. Cookie does wolf down her antibiotic in cream cheese. She had a rib bone for the first time today. She carries prizes around in her mouth for awhile before eating them. But they taste a lot better out of your hand.
“Is that my treat, Dad?”

” Oh goodie!”

I wandered out in the garden today. I discovered that I did not have the vibration reduction switched on my new lens. It is now. Cookie stayed in the shade under a tree.

The basil is blooming

And the zinnias

We still gots lots and lots of Sungold tomatoes



We even has socks. I am ready to start another sock. This one is closer to the toes than it looks here.


3 thoughts on “More Stuff and Sock

  1. Cookie is adorable – looks like lots of sharp little puppy teeth in the one photo [Ow!] I meant to try the Sungold tomatoes, but got a late start, and didn’t seen any plants, so had to settle for a Sweet 100 instead.

  2. Those tomatoes look picture perfect and delicious! I’m having mixed results this year, but the black romas are doing well.
    Good to see that Cookie’s cookie face is back!

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