More Luxor Progress

Such exciting titles. I have been Twittering and Plurking (pknit) and I blame Miss Violet for all of it. Especially the yarn below, whose photo I saw in a post on the Lime and Violet Daily Chum blog. I went out to the patio to take pictures for the blog, after the sun came back out following a brief shower. It was still dripping rain, so I stayed under the shelter and put my yarn and sock on the willow coffee table. Cookie jumped up on the table, and I had to disentangle the sock yarn from her wet toe with one hand while holding the camera with the other hand. Then Peanut came over and stuck her nose on the yarn. I had to shoo everyone out of my photos, because they would not strike cute poses.

This is Tea for Two, from Crash Into Ewe. I saw it on the Chum and fell in love with it.I had to have because I am a tea drinker. I wanted something else for Latte Lace Socks.( could not find that link using Yahoo! It was the first hit on Google.) Now I want to make Wendy’s Seaweed sock pattern from Plurk.


3 thoughts on “More Luxor Progress

  1. evil! pure evil! Saw your post on Twitter, danced over to Crash into Ewe and saw the perfect yarn for more socks for my daughter, the Amethyst Jewel. She loves both purple and sparkly, so I couldn’t help myself. I love the tea for two also (love tea myself, but mostly greens, some pu-erhs and oolongs as well), and the Luxor socks look awesome. I’m thinking of Nanners for the Amethyst. Just finished Vampire Nanners myself in an STR Raven colorway. Thanks!

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