Saturday Sky and Tomatoes

I spotted this view from the 12th floor west windows of the Houston Cole Library last Sunday. My first thought was, “Man, I wish I had my camera.” Wait, then I remembered my cell phone was in my pocket.

Today, I have done a little bit on the entrelac scarf I started long ago. It still looks pretty much the same. So instead of knitting, a photo essay on tomatoes. I picked tomatoes and made two batches of tomato sauce that came out kinda orange. I wonder why. LOL.

Tangerine Mama plum tomatoes


Sungold and Yellow Pear


A heavy little basket of basil and tomatoes. Cookie stays away from basil, guess it repels puppies as well as Japanese beetles.


There are red Romas. The green is a basil leaf.

A photo of bruschetta in the new Herb Companion magazine led to breaking out the bread machine and making dough for these. I never got to the bruschetta, just ate hot bread. I pigged out on whole wheat angelhair pasta with pesto and tomatoes.


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