Supper and Socks

I finished my Luxor socks, and photographed them. Then I picked up windfall peaches and picked some peaches, and cut up some for my yogurt. I cut up the rest and put Fruit Fresh on them and put them in the fridge. Then I got around to the photos uploaded from two cameras. Luxor socks from Ann Hanson at, Ruby Sapphire Luster merino/tencel yarn in Darlene.


Lest you think I am out here having it easy with my photo shoots, I will tell you that there are obstacles. Not to mention my leg is bleeding where some insect bit me. Peanut bites too.

For the supper part of my post, I made Pizza Caprese with the fresh Mozzarella I got at Kroger, 40 minutes away in GA. I had to pick Romas and basil from the garden. Cookie and Peanut supervised.


Then work continues on my chocolate Nanners. The yarn is Gluttony from Fearless Fibers Seven Deadly Sins club. The prop is the avocado tree from the pit of the one I used for guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday. I thought it suitably tropical.



12 thoughts on “Supper and Socks

  1. It all looks great — now when can I pick up my new socks, my delicious supper, and my adorable puppy? I’ll swap you three cats for the lot.

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