Sock and Other Stuff

I have finished the heel of my chocolate Nanner sock. I do like gusset and flap heels on toe up socks. Fearless Fibers yarn in Gluttony.

I finally ate the Black Pineapple tomato. It was a little past ripe, as we really couldn’t tell when it was ready.
Lastly, in the from the garden photos, here is the first watermelon that has survived to maturity. Others have fallen prey to dumb dogs, and splitting, etc.


7 thoughts on “Sock and Other Stuff

  1. Okay, it’s official. I’m coming to live in your garden. LOL Pity the rest of the watermelons didn’t make it. I’m sure the doggies enjoyed them, though. 😉

  2. Your sock looks so pretty! I planted a new (to me) kind of tomato this year: Cherokee Purple. At first I couldn’t figure out when those tomatoes were ripe either. And congratulations on your watermelon! I never have had one grow to maturity.

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