Nanner, Nanner

I took the sock to work amd left the cotton raglan bolero at home. I have actually memorized the Nanner pattern repeats. My doctor's appointment was rescheduled, so I lost some knitting time. Nanner socks, Fearless Fibers Gluttony colorway.


I got my first package from The Loopy Ewe in the mail yesterday. I didn't get to open it because I worked until 11 p.m. I got the Second Anniversary Sock Kit, with a mug, a button, temporary tattoos, and Hand Maiden yarn called Casbah merino/cashmere/nylon red, black and silver Loopified yarn, and a sock pattern.


When I am in the rock garden posing my socks, I am right next to a peach tree. The trees are loaded this year. I think these may be white fruit.


6 thoughts on “Nanner, Nanner

  1. The little lacy bits actually look like bananas if you stare long enough…
    I love peaches! Winn-Dixie had Chilton ones today so I bought a bunch.

  2. Oh, yummy yarn. I love that combo. The peaches look great. The one’s that we’re getting down here are some of the best I’ve had in years. Hey, Our avocado tree has 2 fruit. Tom started it from a seed! He’s a proud dad.

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