(Works in) Progress Report

My projects for WIP Wrestling for Ravelympics are Embossed Leaves (Ball and Skein sock yarn in Falling Leaves) and Nanners socks, and the Gust scarf, from Knitspot. I started the second Nanner sock in Fearless Fibers Gluttony sock yarn, and did one pattern repeat. But the toe sections were not the same length, so I gave up and went to bed. It worried me so much that I ripped it out today. I had switched to this sock because I was disheartened that I was not at the heel for the Embossed Leaves sock, and put it aside. I stopped knitting around 4 and put French bread in the bread machine and made a batch of pesto. I reached the heel on Embossed Leaves. I had to run out and take a photo before the sun went behind the trees. I ripped Gust out after several restarts,  because I just can't see to knit with the dark burgundy laceweight.


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