Not Sock Knitting

I have actually been knitting on my cropped raglan cardigan. The yarn is periwinkle TLC Cotton Plus. In real color, a little more purple. I have just started the Feather and Fan trim.

This morning, I made more apple butter. Then I decided to try some freezer jam because we have many packages of Ball freezer jam pectin. The plastic containers are peach jam. The jars are apple butter. I also made French bread baguettes, cornbread and blueberry muffins. Then I knitted for a while. I had a BLT for supper with two different types of tomatoes.

Cookie and I wandered by the garden on the way to pose the raglan on the woodpile. The basil is still determined to bloom, despite mine and DH's attacks with the pruning shears.


3 thoughts on “Not Sock Knitting

  1. You’re just a regular domestic goddess! 🙂 Just tonight, I was shooed out of the kitchen because I’m so accident prone in there. lol It’s pretty sad.

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