Button, Button

I went with the yellow ones. These are vintage buttons from the sewing box of my mother in law. The card says 29 cents. I also found a single pink plastic Susan Bates tapestry needle in an envelope. (Prized by Deb and me.) I have two now.

I was so ticked to find patterns for sock yarn squares, and they can be done with Magic Loop. Lang Jawoll Cotton Jacquard.  Now I am obsessed with finding my bits of Koigu. It also tickles me that I can take photos in the house, and they are uploading when I walk back to the computer, and no fights with USB ports.  I bought a USB hub, but have not yet hit a working USB port to plug it in.. The computer "sees" it, but says it malfunctioned. Figures. Didja know Dell has a Twitter feed with specials?

For dessert, apple pie. DH had to go out and pick me a couple more apples to make 6 cups. 

3 thoughts on “Button, Button

  1. pbj – this is really pretty. I found your blog via Plurk (have have a friend in common) and I’m really excited to familiarize myself with it since I’m going to my first knitting class today!
    It looks like you are also a gardener – I am too. I blog about gardening at http://www.myskinnygarden.blogspot.com/. Good luck with the sweater!

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