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Today I got some new toys in the mail. Knitpicks Harmony fixed needles, a circular needle, and points for Options cables. I posed them in the rosemary. I have had so much trouble with rosemary that I have babied the the last set of cuttings I rooted. I now have about ten rosemary plants. One is out in a bed, these are under the paito cover. These plants are from a rosemary I got in Tuscaloosa from Bruno's produce dept. when I was in grad school 1995-96. My sister has a couple huge plants in her backyard that came from that one.

Also today, I have made pear preserves with ginger. These cooked for more than 2 hours, and turned out well. the fig jam is still cooking.

After making lunch of salmon loaf, sweet potatoes and carrot and raisin salad, I set about making weffles, plain and blueberry. Producing waffles in mass quantities for the freezer  is the reason that I insisted on getting a Cuisinart 6 waffle maker.

In other knitting-related news, the Tulip Sweater is just past the armholes, and I am close to finishing a cable hat to match the Baby Cable Sweater.


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