Apples and Pears Again

I wove in the ends on the Tulip cardigan last night, and knitted a swatch for Eyelet Cardi in Knit Picks Cotlin yarn. I washed and blocked the baby sweater. It is almost dry for its photo shoot. I think I need to swatch for the cardi with a smaller size needle. Today, I got up, put pear honey in one crockpot and applesauce in another one. I canned the pear honey and will put the applesauce in the freezer. Pears are at left in the photo. This batch of applesauce is mostly Granny Smith. I have run out of  half pint jars. I am not going anywhere today because I need gas, and the stations from here to Montgomery were either out of $3..99 gas, or had long lines. I also made a turkey pot pie with the turkey I cooked in a slow cooker the other day.

One thought on “Apples and Pears Again

  1. Isn’t the gas thing crazy? We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I was sitting on empty…had to get some gas. We couldn’t understand what in the world was going on for so many people to be there.

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