Punkin, Phase II

Phase II? Because I went nuts knitting and felting various sizes of pumpkins last fall. I am still working up the nerve to needle-felt the pumpkin basket for Halloween. Michael's had Lion Wool in Pumpkin for $1.00 a skein, and I tried real hard to buy it all. Here in said wool is the Woolly Pumpkin. I saw the Harvest Pumpkins on Carrie's blog and found the larger pattern at the Yarnery.  (they just sent e-mail to say the Harvest Pumpkins pattern shipped.) I think this one looks vaguely brain-like in its unfelted state. I couldn't find my 24" 10.5 needle, so it is squashed (get it?) onto a 16" needle. Click to see photo gallery from the designer. In the back are my baby Butterbush butternut squashes. This morning, all those blooms looked good.  They have got to go in the garden. You can just see a little red in the background-that is a planter with lettuce and Mesclun seeds in it.


2 thoughts on “Punkin, Phase II

  1. I didn’t know there was a pattern for a bigger pumpkin! I love the candy corn too…I may need to take a trip to my lys.
    Actually I think Marie Mayhew will be there this Saturday signing her patterns.
    I can’t wait to see your pumpkin all felted and pumpkin-y!

  2. RATS…..I can’t believe I missed it at our Michaels!!! I have had this pumpkin pattern for a couple of years, but just not gotten around to making any!! I remember the ones you made last year and they were SO cute!!!!
    Great pic with the vines!!!!

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