Autumn Pumpkin, Etc.

I finally got around to sewing on the leaf and tendril and making the ridges on my pumpkin. I started a smaller pumpkin.(This is one pumpkin.) I have not knitted much, but I organized my knitting  patterns into categories in binders.


I felted my Kuryeon-Chans, and they all came out different sizes. The Kureyon took the longest by far.


Cookie and I heard strange noises and saw strange things in the front yard. "What was that?"

The grasshopper did not move at all.

Wait, I have heard about porcupine eggs( ?) I didn't know they grew on trees. (Actually, it is a chestnut.)


10 thoughts on “Autumn Pumpkin, Etc.

  1. I did the same thing with my pattersns – found some photo albums on clearance at TJ Maxx and bought a bunch of plastic protector sheets, it’s so nice to be organized! You should’ve seen the stack of patterns I threw away. Why on earth I thought I need all that, I’ll never know!
    Love the pumpkins!

  2. Your pumpkins turned out beautiful! what yarn did you use? seeing how nubby it is makes me want to make another one. Keep up the good work.

  3. Your pumpkin is beautiful! What yarn did you use? the nubbiness is wonderful. Makes me want to knit up another one. Thanks for supporting my habit of creating.

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