Lil Pink Thing

Originally uploaded by pknit

This is my new Acer Aspire one netbook itty bitty notebook computer. It is not really in focus because my digital camera died after a couple of shots. I just charged the batteries, arrgh. It is pink. I am blogging from a hotel room at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, MS.

I have been knitting a little on another to be felted pumpkin. Here is a photo with the Acer's webcam. I put the Halfobi aside because I was itching on my hands, arm, head and neck and thought it might be mohair.
Pumpkin 004

2 thoughts on “Lil Pink Thing

  1. i haven’t seen those pcs. how do you like it? i want to hear all about it. have wanted a laptop for ages now, but just can’t bring myself to part with $$$ for one while our desktop still functions.

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