Christmas Stocking

I am knitting a stocking for a great-niece with good ol' Red Heart Super Saver,  I bet I had enough leftover from her parents and sister's stocking  before I destashed a while back. Sigh-oh well it's $2.49. Oh yeah, it has been too dark and cloudy the past few days to take blog photos, I washed the Accord on Tuesday and got five fire ant bites, and I have bronchitis. That's why my chest was burning as I walked to the college infirmary, where my doctor is on Fridays.

Anyway, my DH and all his family have Christmas stockings from Mary Maxim patterns, and I inherited his grandmother's yarn and patterns. I was able to make our nephew (and his father, too)  a stocking from her yarn and pattern. I now have all four of Mary Maxim's stocking pattern books.I had to get another to get the cardinal pattern. I really like the Knit Picks chart keeper, once I figured out how it worked. I am done with the chart, and now I can knit in the round for the rest.


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