I won!

Katie's blog contest, that is. I have been reading her blog, Daily Thread,  for a few years. I got a package from Katie today in the mail that had an advance copy of the the book Knit Two, the sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club, a tin of Pineapple Ginger green tea (sounds interesting) and yarn! Purple Opal Mozaik. I don't have any of that. It's purty. It is dark and rainy outside, so photos are blah.

UPS brought Dave today. Dave is a laptop table from Ikea. They named him/it. I prefer hot laptops not be in my lap, and see the itty bitty Acer netbook screen better with a table. Alas. no pink tables. Black looks cool. DH had to help with assembly, and he did the hardest part, the bolt attaching the leg to the tabletop. I got some neat Valori Wells fabric to make the netbook a sleeve and messenger bag. Still need the pattern to arrive.


Also, I told my coworker I would make her a tam to help use up some of my stash yarn. This is the Retro Rings Tam from Jaybird Designs. Note the Halloween Cactus blooming.

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