Thanks, Darlene!

Darlene, of Yarn Collectors Anonymous, gave me an I Love Your Blog Award! That was sweet. Maybe I should stop enabling her to buy yarn… LOL. I love to see her kitties and sockies.

I am passing the award on to four people, in no particular order,  although there are lots more I could pick.

Elizabeth  who has lovely knitting and spinning and great photography.

Vera  who makes me want to crochet again (and visit Charleston again.) Also inspiring new projects.

Brenda for cute kitties (see a pattern here?) and tempting cards in her Etsy shop, and enabling inspiring me to start new projects

I love to see Katie’s sewing projects and her models. Not because she just sent me yarn and a book for winning her blog contest. I have read her blog for a couple of years, in various forms, ever since I found it while searching for the Sitcom Chic sweater.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Darlene!

  1. Thank you, Paula! You’re sweet! I love seeing your gardening “projects”! And your socks…I aspire to be such a sock knitter as you.
    Have you read the book yet?

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