Knitting and Dog Biscuits

I started on Mrs. Beeton mitts (Knitty) for a co-worker who simply had to have a pair. I got the yarn from Ravelry destashers. I have never worked with Rowan Kidsilk yarn before. I want to know why this stuff is called crack, OK? I had both ruffles done, and when I joined them, I got the cantankerous one (Kidsilk) inside out. I got such a mess that I frogged it completely, and frogged the well-behaved Rowan Cashsoft DK back to one row before the beaded row. (I wasn't even looking at Pierce Brosnan in whichever Bond movie was on USA at the time)


I also jumped on the cowl bandwagon. I have leftover sock yarn, hmm… This is ColorJoy Cushy Sport yarn from LynnH that has resisted efforts to make it into socks. (I think the color is Wild Women Don't Get the Blues.) Pattern is Stacked Eyelet Cowl. Ladybugs lit on my head, shoulder and nose while I was taking these photos.

Also, I got some dog biscuit mix from King Arthur Flour. I think it is a success. I was followed out in the yard by the dog herd. Cookie is still an impatient pup. Honey (far right in 2nd photo) left the horse manure she was about to roll in. She only looks ladylike.



11 thoughts on “Knitting and Dog Biscuits

  1. I’ve not knit with kidsilk haze myself yet, not surprising that it can be temperamental given the mohair.
    I have lots of cowls in my Ravelry queue but haven’t tried one yet.
    Those dogs look very happy, those cookies must taste great!
    And finally….nice template, LOL!

  2. I’m going to jump on the cowl-wagon also! I have some handspun that may become my first cowl. I hear that ladybugs are “good luck” and you had them landing all over you?! As usual, your pup pictures are precious. I love the one of Cookie getting her cookie 🙂

  3. Glad to hear all the doggies liked the biscuits. Getting a pup to leave horse dung for a cookie is definitely a success in our book.
    Happy Baking, Happy Knitting!
    MaryJane @ King Arthur Flour

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