I Remember…

I remember my father telling me about saving Japanese civilians after their ship hit a mine. I remember the page in the photo album, or funny book, with the handsome man in the dress whites with the tiny versions of my siblings. All I could find today was Daddy in his American Legion hat. He served in the Navy during WWII in the Pacific on the USS Brevard. Click to enlarge photo of the ship. (I notice they have the same photo that I scanned from a print.)


A couple of years ago on the Internet I came across photos of the Japanese civilians rescued by the crew of the Brevard. I think it is really interesting to see these. These images are from the Online Archive of California's Inventory of the Japanese American Relocation photograph collection. Dad would have said, "Seen 'em already." I found a certificate and little red transistor radio he got from Japan after the war. J.P. Barnett passed away in 1995.

DH's father was in the Navy during the Korean War. DH says he kept the Republic of China (AKA Taiwan) non-Communist while serving on the USS Phillipine Sea.  DH says he has heard many times the story of his Dad climbing Mt. Fuji.


4 thoughts on “I Remember…

  1. Interesting old photos. My dad was in Japan in WWII, in the Army. He'd wanted to go Navy, and had planned on enlisting after graduation, but because of where his birthday fell he was drafted before he even graduated. He missed his own graduation because of his report date and the school had to mail him his diploma. He was recalled to active duty during the Korean War, but spent that one in San Diego.

  2. Great photo. My father was a Holocaust survivor and many in my family lost their lives fighting on the Russian front.
    My county is called Brevard. Interesting. I really enjoyed reading your post.

  3. This is a touching tribute to your father. And I love the pictures of fall. When we left here to go to N.C. it was still drab. But it was pretty in N. C. and when we got back, nice surprise, it was beautiful here too.

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