Goodbye, Sweet Girl

We lost our Honey yesterday. DH was on the way to the vet with her, and did not make it there before she died. We think she had internal bleeding. We do not know the cause. She was always a little frail after getting into warfarin rat poison when she was younger. She lost some weight, but did not act sick. I have been looking at my Pups gallery on the sidebar and laughing. Honey was beautiful, our miniature golden retriever. DH misses sudden leaps and 50 pounds landing in his lap. I will miss my photogenic model. No other dog wants to pose like the pink-nosed Honey-Bunny. She and her littermate Peanut were stray puppies DH found in 2006. (The last photo refuses to cooperate, click the link for baby photo.) Photo heavy post.



Where is my treat? This is the last photo of Honey, from a few days ago. She bit fingers when grabbing treats.


Peanut and Honey


Hole? Flowerbed?





16 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Girl

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. She was very lucky to have wandered into your yard and to have spent her time here with you. Our hearts are all very heavy over here.

  2. I’m so sorry. Honeypup was a beautiful little girl. I hope that in time, the grief and sad thoughts you experience now will give way to memories of the happy times you shared. You and your family gave Honey the best possible life. She knew she was loved–she even smiles!

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