Anyone have a good name for a fuzzy little girl? I am supposed to be naming her. DH found her in a cardboard box in the middle of the road when he came back home this morning. Tonight will be single-digits, the oldest temps since 2003.


My knitting looks much the same. I am about to cast on a feather and fan cowl in Noro Silk Garden lite. Stashbusting, ya know.

22 thoughts on “Furball

  1. What is wrong with the people around there?!!! She’s just the cutest thing! Ruby was almost named “Pearl” after that adorable little girl in the original “Night of the Hunter.” I still like that name, and it’s kind of in keeping with what your husband bought you for Christmas.

  2. I’m so glad you’re keeping her! I’m at a loss for a girl name also. We’ve had 3 dogs in the past 22 yrs. and only 1 was a girl – “Zima” (yes, like the beer). Otherwise, “Lucky” was the first to come to my mind – but find something special that means something to you. Can’t wait to see future photos of her (and your knitting!)

  3. What a sweetie! Hmmm… i’m not so good at coming up with names, but here’s a few: Lacey, Flora, Goldie, Zara, Brandy…
    Keep us posted! She’s precious!

  4. I vote for ‘Precious’ since that’s what I said as soon as I saw her–she is so sweet–how could someone do that?! Lucky would be another appropriate name. Please more pics!

  5. Oh, how awful and yet how wonderful. How could people?!!!!! There is a big news item around here, too, of someone who “forgot” she (he? — I can’t tell. It’s a Canadian name) left a 12-year-old toy poodle in their van at the airport “by accident” when they went on a 3-week vacation. No food, no water, below-zero temps. How could they drive to the airport from Quebec and “forget” the dog???? Amazingly, the poor baby survived and is in intensive care and the person has given up custody. Weird, weird, weird.
    I realize this does not in the least help you with your naming dilemma. She looks like a “Sunny” to me — I have no idea why that pops into my head.

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