Cookie and Muffin

I was reading someone's blog today, and she wrote her husband was complaining about her lack of blogging-he didn't know what was going on. So I blogged, because my DH says the same thing. I wanted to get photos of Cookie next to Muffin to show her growth. I  got home a little earlier because of a dental appointment, and had some light.  I really think Cookie was holding her head down to tease Muffin with the bone-bone. They are BFFs. I am still hearing aggravated "arf"s from the patio.


I couldn't get an intentional panned shot like this in my college photojournalism class. D50 on sports mode, which I thought would give me a faster shutter speed.


8 thoughts on “Cookie and Muffin

  1. Aren’t they the cutest. Sports mode is fast, especially if you put the camera shutter on continuous mode. Then, it shoots and shoots without reclicking. Perhaps you did that though.
    Glad you blogged today.~~Dee

  2. So cute! I’m glad Cookie has a little friend, and Muffin’s name is great. My husband’s first dog, a Boston terrier, was named “Muffin.”

  3. Glad to hear Cookie & Muffin are getting along so well. She sure is a fluffy bundle, isn’t she?
    I seem to let blogging go awhile also, thinking that some things just aren’t blog worthy to take the time to post about. Sometimes those are the most interesting rather than a rambling spiel.

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