Muffin II

Some quick photos taken in the dark cloudy weather. We found our new Muffin in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's classifieds, after scouring and We have never bought a dog before, but were so heartbroken and so taken with the idea of a St. Bernard that we had to have another one right away. (Not taken with my best camera for pups, by the way.) She has a sister in Ft. Payne, AL, where I have been invited to a new knitting group via Ravelry. Those two facts are not connected.

I call this one, "There's my new Daddy!" The tail wag  blur is a nice, if unintentional, touch. She is backed to the wall because Lab-sized monsters are everywhere out in her new world.



16 thoughts on “Muffin II

  1. ooooohhh, Muffin II is a beauty! I love her freckles by the nose! Wagging tails are always a good sign and I’m sure she’ll fit right in with you all. Congrats!

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