The Muffinator

I went out to photograph my Mini Mochi Tapestry sock today. I am using the Eye Sock pattern from Crystal Palace. I found a knot and some thick areas already, but it is so soft and fuzzy. Almost like what followed me to the rock garden and tried to chew on my knitting bag.

What's knitting? I can't chew on it?


Well. that's no fun.


Maybe I can chew on the Cookie's Lab monster butt.


Or Daddy's thumb. mmmhhpphhhm


Hmm, maybe a little salad…


DH has repetitive stress injury in his thumb from shelling pecans from our yard. These are all 5-6 gallon buckets. He thinks we have 85 pounds.

OK. see, there is knitting here. Most of the ribbing for my Mini Mochi Eye sock. Have yet to reach the pattern part.


11 thoughts on “The Muffinator

  1. What a precious angel! I love her freckles. And I wish I had a pecan tree in my yard! My Great-great Aunt Pearl had one at her house in Mississippi, I remember traveling there as a really little girl and just eating them of the ground. Yum!

  2. Okay, so what’s the deal with pecan trees? The first year we were in our house, we had TONS of pecans and SB spent many happy hours shelling them. The next year, none. Do they produce fruit in alternate years? If so, we should’ve had a bumper crop this year, but nope. Nary a pecan. I know I should google it, but if you have that many pecans, I figured you may know the answer. :o)

  3. The Muffinator reminds me of our new Great Pyrenees puppy. Her name is Bebe but Jerry calls her Baby Huey. The Mini-Mocha looks great. I’ve been eying some for the store.

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