More Mini Mochi

Work on my sock continues rather slowly. The Mini Mochi yarn splits and is fuzzy and has thick areas, but it is so soft and fuzzy. Tapestry Rainbow, Eye Sock pattern from Crystal Palace. Maybe the second sock will have some of the red, green and blue in the skein.

P.S. Does anyone want two photo lights, adjustable heads, adjustable tripod legs. I prefer to use remote flash instead of these. $5 Paypal to whoever would like them.


2 thoughts on “More Mini Mochi

  1. Hey Paula,
    I like the colors of the sock.
    Can you give me some more info on the lights? I’m teaching a photo class and there might be someone interested or I might be. Send me a photo of the stuff if you can.

  2. You sure haven’t sold me on that Mini Mochi sock yarn. Spliting, fuzzy, thick areas, knots, missing colors – what more could a sock knitter ask for?
    Oh, I know! I read on a blog somewhere that while knitting with Noro sock yarn the yarn got so thin it broke. Hope that’s not in your future.

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