Totally Non-Knitting Post

Except for the yarn in my Hot Cocoa Swap 2 package, from Rachel, not far away in Alabama. Purple yarn, cocoa mix biscotti and chocolate sprinkles. My Blah Buster Buddy is a crocheted pink cupcake with creamy frosting and a cherry. She also made wintry looking stitch markers with blue beads and silver stars that matched snowflake candles and blue lollipops.. Goodies were in a basket with a snowman.

The tomatoes are doing well in the Aerogarden. I have raised the lights two notches.

Laisses les bon temps rouler. I made pralines from a microwave recipe. The background is a KitchenAid silicone mat. Have not gotten to the King Cake yet.


In this corner, the Muffinator. Aaaaannnd in this corner, the Cookie Lab Monster. At least Muffin stopped chewing on me, and chewed on bestest friend Cookie.


And the winner-Muffinator


The reason the yellow water hose is there is to wash piles of puppy poop off the patio. She is passed out in the shade after a dispute with Doofus, the American Bulldog , over the Nylabone that resulted in much screaming and a bleeding Muffin ear. We had to comfort her and stop the bleeding.


9 thoughts on “Totally Non-Knitting Post

  1. Something tells me that the hose is going to be permanent fixture on the patio:) Muffin is so adorable with those “who me?” eyes.
    Seems likes she’s learning the pecking order though, although that may change in a year.

  2. I’m so glad that your cocoa swap package arrived… lovely.. I absolutely adore that cupcake! 🙂 Lovign the aerogarden.. need to email you offline about it.. I’ve wanted to try that out myself…

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