Some Knitting, Some Other Stuff

I got a new sibling for my D50 today. I had to have a lens to try it, so I took the lens off the D50 and put it on the D200. I managed that without reading the manual. My first encounter with a CF memory card took reading the manual, however. I have not read any more, though, so when the camera's flash didn't fire, I stuck the Nikon SB600 Speedlight on it. That worked-I couldn't get it to fire with the D50, sigh.

I have started the raglan bolero that I want to trim with crochet. The Paton's Silk Bamboo yarn in Sapphire is very nice and soft and lustrous, but I think I need to switch to wooden needles, as the stitches tend to slide off the addi Turbos. Hobby Lobby has this, if I run out. My first photo with the D200 that looked good.


4 thoughts on “Some Knitting, Some Other Stuff

  1. I think I may run by Hobby Lobby tonight while the boy is in Scouts, I’ve been looking for summery yarns! Tried to knit wool yesterday and had to turn on the a/c. Ridiculous.

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