Pup Photos, Now With More Knitting


I have gotten a little more done. The topdown raglan yoke now looks more like a yoke. This is Double Eyelet Bolero in Paton's Silk Bamboo, Sapphire. It feels good, and is easier to handle on Harmony wooden needles. the color is more realistic here with a little tweaking.

I needed a new photo for my Facebook profile, so DH took a few. It is great to see Muffin rambunctious after a B12 shot and antibiotics for an upset tummy.  She is not licking me, she is biting.



Punkin can stand still for a moment.

9 thoughts on “Pup Photos, Now With More Knitting

  1. Your sweater is looking great! The FB photos are cute except the biting sounds painful. My dog is with me in my FB profile pic, too. 🙂

  2. Sweater’s lookin’ good! At the rate Muffin is growing, you’ll be sitting in her lap pretty soon, instead of vice versa 😉

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