I Have Too Been Knitting

Crocheting, even. In Las Vegas.  I finished the body of the raglan Double Eyelet Bolero (Ravelry) and have some done on the second Mini Mochi Eye Sock in Tapestry Rainbow. I kept disturbing the ladybug during my photo shoot. I have some Vegas photos here



The vet had to put Muffin down yesterday.  She had a bad intestinal infection and the bacteria caused pneumonia as well. She lost much weight and refused to eat.  DH called every day from Las Vegas to check on her and to approve various treatments. She spent a week at the vet on IVs while he tried various antibiotics. He thought she might have had it for a while, as she always seemed to have tummy trouble. We might be able to get another white faced pup.

11 thoughts on “I Have Too Been Knitting

  1. So sad about Muffin … I think you’re really brave to try another St. Bernard, you’ve had such dreadful luck with those two puppies. I don’t know that I’d have the heart to try again! (I think you should try a different name, though, for sure… Just in case!)
    Poor puppy…

  2. Oh my gosh! At first I thought I had the wrong-dated post and was (hoping) reading about Muffin I. I’m sooo sorry and very sad. Her happy face always brought a smile to mine when you posted her photos. Hugs and sympathies to you and DH.

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