Finished Stuff, Mostly

Well, except for the one sleeve, one toe, weaving ends and blocking. I was thinking about Rhiannon socks next. (Without the cuff) What'dya think? Anyway, the Mini Mochi Eye socks (Crystal Palace yarn and pattern.) are finished with the knitting. I finished one sock, and started the next one with the same skein as the first.

The Double Eyelet Bolero (Ravelry pattern) with crochet trim is finished except for ends, button and blocking. I modified the front edging by using ribbing, instead of single crochet. Patons Silk Bamboo, sapphire. The yarn seemed to split worse with the crochet hook, but feels good.


Long neglected Acer.has one sleeve, except for a few rows. Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash in Pansy purple, despite the fact that it looks blue here.



Punkin thinks if she is patient, I will give her another treat.


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