New Yarn, New Computer

The photos of the Dell XPS 1330 did not come out well. It is nice. I was finally able to photograph my new yarn, Indie Dyer Flowers N Showers from Knitting Purls sock yarn club.


I got new glasses. I also got a cortisone shot, antibiotic and Singulair prescriptions, and cough drops.

A fireant mound. DH said chemical warfare will commence shortly.


3 thoughts on “New Yarn, New Computer

  1. Rather that use chemicals, have you considered trying a lawn torch? It’s a candy-cane shaped tube; you attach a small propane tank on the end of the curve, and a small flame comes out the other end. You hover the flame right over whatever you want to get rid of, and the heat boils the water in the cells and bursts them. We use one to deal with dandelions, tent caterpillars, and other pests. It’s an inexpensive (maybe $35?) and safe alternative to chemicals. Plus you get the satisfaction of watching weeds shrivel up and die. 🙂

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