Spring Risotto and Summer Cardigan

Finding a recipe for Crock-pot risotto really changed my attitude on making it. I had it with roasted butternut squash during the winter, but Spring is time for asparagus, carrots and lemon juice. (Winter will be back on Monday and Tuesday.)


I stayed up to 1 a.m after my cortisone shot. I cast on for the Knitting Pure and Simple Summer Open Cardigan. 294.Summer Open Cardigan


3 thoughts on “Spring Risotto and Summer Cardigan

  1. That looks like a really great sweater! I saw on a friend’s blog where she wore a sweater over a dress she had made. This sweater would be perfect for that!
    I hope you get more sleep tonight!

  2. I think the pics of your knitting w/fresh garden produce are great. How do you find time????
    I’ve knitted since 1965 and am a male. It’s a long story.
    Congrats on your 1st blogaversity.
    Vey good blog!

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