Still Life with Fruit, and Yarn and Fiber

Today after I got home and shot 52 pictures to get some blog content, I made lemonade with stevia for the first time.. Thanks, by the way, for all the comments on my lamp. I got it on eBay for $5. I had gotten a bag of lemons some time ago, and I decided to zest and juice them for the freezer. I thought the light from the window looked neat. I had the strawberries with Stonyfield Farm whole milk French Vanilla yogurt. (I wrote this entire post once before, but then accidentally cut it. I am sure that it was much better the first time.)

I also made some lemonade. The pool is not ready for swimming, nor is the weather. I just thought the reflection of the clouds  looked nice.



I have gotten some nice mail and UPS packaages lately. Yarn and fiber. Fiber came from Etsy and yarn is Ella Rare Silkience in Aqua. I don't have the details close at hand. I left the plastic on to keep pups' interest down.


Lastly, I got my KnitKit today. It is so nice to have all these tools in one place.

Oh yeah, I washed socks the other day. I had to dig through a couple of camera bags to find my 50mm lens. I found a 35-80mm for the D50, which was probably feling neglected.  I wanted a fast lens for a natural light shot. Next trick is learning how to set aperture priority on new camera, oh well.


5 thoughts on “Still Life with Fruit, and Yarn and Fiber

  1. Brrr. Too cold here to think about lemonade!
    Love your socks. I’m going to check out your Ravelry page to find out what patterns you used.

  2. You must be way down south. I’m up here in Michigan, and we had hail/snow/rain Tuesday (April 21), and just plain cold and windy and cloudy April 22. Things are popping up for spring. I’m working on some merino wool/cashmere socks, and they feel good on my hands still! Love the photos of your socks that you posted! Gives me some more inspiration. Gave up sweaters…not enough life-span left for 3-year projects!
    Happy Blogosphere Anniversary! (I would love to receive a gift celebrating your special event…hint hint!)
    Sue in Michigan

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