Gardening Afternoon

I don't think I can knit much tonight after working in the garden for a couple of hours. I am not sued to so much bending and stooping, I suppose. First we planted 10 or so tomatoes. Still have one that is kinda small yet. I got one shot before the camera battery died.
Must have been all the shots it took to get the bumblebee in the lavender that did in the battery..It was so heavy that it would fall to the lower part of the the blossoms and make them droop low. Then it would have to climb back up. I was so excited because I thought the Provence was blooming, but it was just a branch of the Spanish lavender draped over it.


The Cherokee Purple, which stayed in the Aerogarden longer because it was puny, is the first tomato plant to bloom.

Guess what? I finally planted the asparagus. These photos were taken using the Nikon D50 with a 35-80mm autofocus zoom, for a 35mm camera, that is about 10 years old. It had to hunt for the focus, but it's fine when it finds it. What I am getting to here is that I could never get this shot using one hand with the bigger, heavier D200.


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