Cozy in Pink

I have a Pink Renewal Klean Kanteen water bottle that I am knitting a cover for. It wasn't handy so this is The Firm Hibiscus bottle modeling the Opal Flamingo sock yarn water bottle cozy. When the flowers in the Aerogarden bloom, they will be pink too. The pattern I am using is sort of a combination of a couple, based on Flying Sticks' design. It's on Ravelry, too. I am using size 1 needles. I made it narrower at the top, then increased to get the rest of the cover a little larger.
The Aerogarden has petunia, stock and one tiny phlox plant in the back.

2 thoughts on “Cozy in Pink

  1. I’ve never seen an Aerogarden! Neat! The canteen cozy is a great idea, we’ve just started the endless and excessive cup precipitation. Soaked the counter yesterday. That’s what I should be knitting.

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