Garden and New Sewing Project

I have been checking the tomatoes to make sure they are doing OK, as some of them were a bit peaked. I think they are all going to live. The Cherokee Purple that languished in the Aerogarden is now the best looking plant, and has fruit.

Also yesterday, I dragged out the t-shirts I have collected for a quilt. It was like going down memory lane to go through them. Some had spots, so I decided to wash them and try out the Oxi-Clean setting on the washer. I learned  not to use liquid HE detergent with powdered Oxi-Clean. "Sud" the display said, while the washer dealt with the extra suds, according to the manual. I ended up with 24 shirts. I bought several yards of 108" quilting backing fabric, and now must decide on the sashing fabric between the blocks. I have found support from Linda, who has made several t-shirt quilts.  I asked her if she would make me one, and she thought that I could do it myself. I imagine I can, with her advice. Anyway, here are  20 something shirts in the dryer.


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