I have lost weight using Weight Watchers online, walking uphill and downhill on our driveway, and wearing a pedometer.  I even got a 5 pound star in my WW tracker. I just got a Wii Fit set. Getting ready to be insulted by the Wii.  Is DDR next? I have been resting my wrist tendons, taking prednisone and not knitting.


7 thoughts on “Loser

  1. I start my diet on thursday when my food is delivered. I’ve tried WW but is doesn’t work for, works for my mum though. I’m doing The Food Doctor Diet, lost loads on it last year but have put some on during the winter.
    Well done!!!
    Wii fit is great, and I also have Fitness Coach (for the Wii) which is great too and worth looking at.

  2. Congratulations!! Losing weight is so hard. I lost 9 pounds Jan-Mar, but then leveled off. I need to kick it up again. Let us know how the Wii works out.

  3. Congrats! I started working out at lunch, which helps me to be mindful about what I’m eating. While I’m not doing a “program”, I think I’ll give myself stars for milestones! Or better yet – yarn!

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