It’s Yogurt

I used to make yogurt when it was not as easy to find it in 32 ounce containers. I have a Salton one quart yogurt maker somewhere. Anyway, with the cost of tiny cups of Greek yogurt, I decided to try some using Greek yogurt as a starter. (It was plain fat-free Chobani with five active cultures.) I used the method noted in a comment here. I heated a quart of milk almost to boiling, then put the pot in ice water to cool it to around 110 degrees F, then put  powdered milk and the starter in, and placed the muxture in a preheated 2.5 qt Crock-Pot. Turned the slow cooker off, and wrapped it in 2 big, thick towels. The resulting yogurt is soft, and the photo shows it in a yogurt strainer to thicken up.




3 thoughts on “It’s Yogurt

  1. Hello,
    I can’t believe it. The post sign below lit up for me.. I can post to your blog now.
    My grandmother may have made yogurt but I never have seen it made.. A bit of work to it I see.
    Do you flavor it with berries or such ?
    Elsie <

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