Saturday Sky with Pups

Actually, the Saturday sky photo is with daylilies. It might be years since I posted a Saturday sky photo.


Belvedere is passed out on the floor after playing Bowling with Belvedere with cracker dog Punkin. She ran around in circles, full speed, then ran full tilt into the pup's side, rolling him over with an "oof." (Cracker Dog is from James Herriot and Tricki Woo, the spoiled Pekingese.)


He was so tired. Been digging, too. Belvedere is 11 weeks and 40.8 pounds.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Sky with Pups

  1. Pretty daylilies, cute dogs, but oh my goodness … 40+# at 11 weeks – definitely an oof! Hope your thumb’s healing. Gotta watch those treats 😉

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