My Saturday

My Saturday started off at around 5 am. Not usual for me. I was in the 5K Cave Spring Road Race in Cave Spring, GA, in a different time zone. I did not come in last. I also walked another three miles around the Cave Spring Arts Festival and running errands. I got a race t-shirt, a pancake breakfast, and a free pass for the arts festival admission. I did not knit in public, or see any knitters on Worldwide Knit in Public Day, though.


I finally got my cell phone picture of the spring where it comes out of the cave to my computer via e-mail, after a failed attempt at sending via Bluetooth.

I got a pottery soup mug from Byrd Mountain Pottery. It coordinates with the mug I got a couple years ago from them
Soupmug .

My other purchase, besides a diet Dr. Pepper, was a prostrate, or creeping,  rosemary.

Mr. Belvdere tries to stay out of DH's reach, so he can't put the pup in his lap, which Belvedere hates.


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