Yet More Siesta

I am still working on Siesta. Progress is slow due to resting my thumb tendon and limiting time knitting. I have gotten to the second chart, where the cables move out toward the sides. I think every photo of this sweater looks like a different color. It is a little bluer in real life.


Today I got a prize in the mail! I won a blog contest at This Momma Cooks!: On a Diet. I won 4 4-packs of Knudsen Sparkling Essence flavored water. I have already had a blueberry one. This is great because I drink seltzer anyway, and it is great to have such different flavors. Besides the blueberry, I also got lemon, mint, and cucumber. In addition, I got a magnet in the shape of a bottle of juice and a ChicoBag that fits in a little bitty Knudsen logo bag. Thanks, Knudsen and Anne-Marie!



3 thoughts on “Yet More Siesta

  1. Congrats on your prize!! I love my Chico bags – I’ve tried all sorts of other bags that fold up to carry along, and I keep going back to the Chico bags.

  2. The R.W. Knudsen Knudsen Sparkling Essences can be found at Whole Foods and other national grocers. Their distribution will increase throughout the summer as they just launched this month. Hope this helps!

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