More Siesta, Again

Well, it is the only project that I have been working on. It is a pretty easy knit, once I got over the no-stitch symbols on the chart. Once the cable section is done, it is just knitting in the round. I have been been working on it at lunch and not getting to it at home much. Last night I had to rip out a few rows to get back on track. Belvedere walked up to the sofa one night and picked up my skein of Ella Rae Silkience yarn in his mouth. The yarn is aqua-it's cloudy outside. You have to pry his jaws apart to get things out. He felted one of my wool slippers a little more recently, and dragged a wool sweater on the floor. Yes, I need to put stuff up. I have not been walking outside since Tuesday, when I got dehydrated, which triggers migraines. DH took Belvedere to a hooman birthday party with his flag bandana, toys, dishes, food and treats.



I saw these cute Teva sandals with cork soles on eBay. They came in he mail today/


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