My Mama and Daddy are always bothering me when I want to
sleep-making me go outside to the bathroom and stuff. They like to take
pictures of me. I am Belvedere, but I get called NO or ahhh-ahhh too.
The paper from the AKC that I tried to eat says Talberg's Friendly
Belvedere. Daddy named me-you think I could get more respect with a
name like that. I slobbered on a printout from the new Canon printer
and the ink held up real well. We didn't need that power bill anymore,
did we? Daddy has new Crocs that are great, but I love chewing on
Mama's slippers with her feet in them. I like to be in he kitchen where
the dishwasher and the food is. Mama feeds me plain yogurt and anything
she is cutting up, like carrots and pineapple and cantaloupe.I like to check out the refrigerator when it's open too. Daddy took me to Birmingham for a party last weekend, and I got to sleep in the house and there were lots of shoes. But the dog that lived in the house wouldn't play with me, even when I barked at her a lot.






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