Lots of Things

I got my Knitting Purls Indie Sock Yarn Club shipment. Twiggi Knits Wooly Sock yarn in patriotic colors. It came with a goody bag with Tootsie Rools in stars and stripes, a pattern and a stitch marker.



My edamame have all sprouted. Interesting that these are all GardenSoy varieties I got from the University of Illinois.


The basil plants are surviving, though they have been watered often this summer. This is Genovese.


The fig tree has itty bitty figgies all over.


Lastly, we have gratuitous puppy photos. I wanted some portrait type photos of Belvedere. He looks so different on each side. Poor puppy got sick from eating a corncob. The adult dogs just gnaw on them, and don't swallow them. Then he was starving, and drooling on the floor. He is prancing around, eating again, at least he was before he went back to sleep.





4 thoughts on “Lots of Things

  1. He is so handsome. Would you email me your suggestions for the right model of the aerogarden to buy? You’re a bad influence on me. 🙂

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