Siesta Done

It is blocking now. Photos later. I also finished the water bottle cover from leftover sock yarn. I keep forgetting to photograph it. I am working on i-cord for a carrying strap, on size one needles after two faiiled attempts to use one of my collection or cord makers. I have also worked a little on the Diagonal Lace Socks from WendyKnits. But I do have photos of new yarn. This is Plymouth Kudo, which is a cotton and silk and something else.


I finally managed to get the edamame in the garden, then ran three dogs out so they wouldn't step on the plants and pepper plants that DH planted.


The corn and tomatoes are coming in. I have been eating corn and BLTs.


Belvedere got a new longer rope toy from Tractor Supply. They also had XXL Kongs. The rope toy he had as a little puppy is dangerous to our hands when playing with him now because it is so short.


He can focus intently on things that interest him, like bone-bones


Just being cute


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