Pup, Socks, Knitting

I have been working on my Diagaonal Lace socks from WendyKnits. I have not worked any more on the entrelac wrap. I have gottn close to halfway up the leg of the first sock.


I actually went to the LYS today because I had to have the new KnitScene for the Heather Hoodie Vest pattern, which I might attempt in worsted instead of bulky yarn.


Here we have puppy photos. Belvedere is five months old and 80 pounds. DH took lots of photos,but he got upset when I deleted the pooping puppy ones. Hopefully, it won't be too hard to get Belvedere in the car to go to obedience class, as he got in the passenger seat when I came home, and climbed in the back seat. I have a bucket seat cover, but the seat and the console have already been drooled on.. DH has been taking him visiting and to the vet in his truck.



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