Obedience Class, Etc.

Hi, I'm Belvedere. Mama takes me to Petsmart to be petted and sniff all the dog food and eat doggie treats.People stop and talk to me while I am in the grass so I can potty before we go in the store. Today Mama parked next to the grass and we walked all over the grass and never went potty. I ran into the front doors at Petsmart and ran right up to a man at the cash register and sniffed his butt. Mama gave me bottled water when we first got there. Then I got turkey and roast beef for sitting and lying down. The trainer gave me treats too. We shopped in all the aisles and talked to all the customers. I was fascinated by the little doggies on the tables letting people cut their fur. and sat down to watch. The people came out to pet me too, and I slobbered all over the place. I flung slobber all over the car too, wherever Mama did not have my towel. I turned the fan up to keep us cooler. It is hard to get the right button on the dashboard with my chin, so Mama had to turn the AC back on.

When I came home, I took a nap until Grandpa went outside to give the doggies bone-bones. I had to have some too, and Mama followed me around, wanting me to sit still for a picture. She tries to get me to move at class when I am still. I found a nice stick in the yard to chew on.


Punkin took my stick!

I had to try to get it back. Where'd it go?

All this riding in the car and shopping and posing makes me tired.



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