I Actually Finished a Sock!

I finished the first Diagonal Lace Sock! I have not been knitting very much, since I think I started it in June. The yarn is Plymouth Sockin' Socks with bamboo. I started the sock with an Internet pattern that I found before DH got me Wendy Johnson's book, Socks from the Toe Up. Now I have all of the patterns. I am still short row heel challenged, so I love the gusset and flap heel for toe up socks.


"Mama, are you sure this is the best angle for the sock?" asks Belvedere. I think the vine is a gourd, as it has white flowers, not yellow like squash.



4 thoughts on “I Actually Finished a Sock!

  1. A beautiful sock. you are a smooth knitter
    I have tried many types of heels and short row heels. But the one I like best is here.Priscilla Wild’s recipe for the easiest short row knitted heel out there! … here is the youtube of her doing it if you want to check it out.. It sure helped me get it done faster and easier.


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