Entrelac, Etc.

To make up for the lack of progress on my entrelac wrap and lack of blogging, I have lots of photos today. First, the entrelac in Plymouth Kudo yarn.



See the Knit Picks Zephyr needle points there? Neat and lightweight.



A few months ago when it was fresh, I hung this what? Deer pelvis. maybe? on the fence to keep it away from the puppy. It's still there.


I looked up at the sky over the pasture. The sky is so blue and the  light is so pretty and golden, that you would think the weather was fall-like. No, I was dripping in sweat after walkng and running up hills.


I looked down in the grass below this sky.


I also got sock yarn in the mail from a destash sale. This is Yarn Nerd 900 MHZ wool/tencel in Palm Beach colorway.




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