Yarn and Actual Knitting

I got more sock yarn-one from the Knitting Purls club and one on impulse because it was pretty and autumnal. First, I have progressed on the Faery Ring sleeve.

Belvedere got a bath. The first one since he got over 100 pounds. He looks beautiful.  He just sits or stands and looks pitiful during a bath. He loves the massage and towel off parts, just not the cold water hose. I also had 4 gallons of warm water in 2 watering cans.


"Mama, I don't have time to pose when there are tree limbs to gnaw on."


First, Faery Ring sleeve in Ocean Heather Northampton from Webs. The white spot is a rock I tried to hold the hem down with.



Harvest Wind Fingering with a Twist yarn from AL Fiber Dreams, Springvalley Yarns Jessi included a matching stitch marker, too.



I also got yarn from the Knitting Purls sock yarn club. From Chicks with Sticks in Knitting Purls colorway. It has shine from the bamboo, I suspect.



3 thoughts on “Yarn and Actual Knitting

  1. Man Belvedere has gotten to be a big boy.
    I got the exact same yarn from Jessi. She has become a very evil temptress again. I told her to quit dyeing colors that I love.

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